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Elements Signature Massage
60 Mins - $70/90 Mins - $105

Immerse yourself in the soothing comfort of this European Classic. Wave-like strokes manipulate muscles & increase circulation to achieve overall well being & peace of mind, washing away your worries.

60 Mins - $70

A warm herbal foot bath paired with a neck & shoulder massage, followed by a foot scrub & extensive foot reflexology. Relieves heaviness, fatigue, swelling, & fluid retention, rendering your feet & entire body more refreshed.

Pre-natal Massage
60 Mins - $85/90 Mins - $135

The miracle of life can be taxing on a mother-to-be’s body. This massage is designed to specifically target the stress & strain experienced by those who are expecting.

Mu Xing (Bamboo)
60 Mins - $85/90 Mins - $120

This massage embodies strength & flexibility from start to finish. We utilize a variety of bamboo & rosewood tools to implement an intense & effective treatment. This massage is equal parts intensity and relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage
60 Mins - $85/90 Mins - $120

Warmth radiates through your muscles as expertly trained therapists utilize the power of hot stones to melt away worries & maximize relaxation. The heat from the stones makes muscles more pliable and easier to manipulate.

Sports Massage/Isolated Stretching
60 Mins - $90/90 Mins - $120

We utilize a series of short, potent stretches to increase flexibility & restore superficial & deep fascial planes to enable the body to perform tasks free of aches & pains.

Neuromuscular Therapy (Deep Tissue Massage)
60 Mins - $90/90 Mins - $125

Experience the intense focused strokes of an experienced specialist, trained to manipulate muscles, correct body posture, & restore strength within the body.

Styx and Stones Massage
60 Mins - $105/90 Mins - $145

This exclusive massage mixes the benefits of Mui-Xing (bamboo) & Hot Stone Therapy which uses warm basalt stones to thoroughly relax the muscle. These two combined make a deeper massage much more relaxing & tolerable by soothing the muscle while correcting everyday wear & tear.

Float Your Body Massage

Deep Tissue CBD Massage uses encapsulated full spectrum CBD body mousse to enhance muscle healing and create a sense of euphoria. The combination of the CBD and deep tissue massage maximizes the effects leaving your body totally relaxed and renewed.

Massage with Cupping
60 Mins - $150

A Neuromuscular massage coupled with cupping. It is a very therapeutic massage that maximizes pain relief but leaves visible marks. Please speak to your massage therapist before booking. Pairing deep tissue with cupping creates the ultimate pain relief this is a great massage for athletes.

Couples Massage
60 Min - $140/90 Min - $200

Experience ultimate relaxation in this side-by-side massage. Together, you will relieve tension & muscle soreness while relaxing your mind & soothing your soul.

Massage Add-ons

Each add-on is $15 and an additional 10 Minutes to a service

All Clear Sinus Soother

Eucalyptus oil paired with a head & face massage to alleviate sinus pressure

Head in the Clouds Tension Headache Relief

Lavender Oil and targeted scalp neck and shoulder massage

Sweet Relief TMJ Massage

Winter Green/Chamomile Oil Trigger Point Therapy along the jawline to release problematic area

In Mint Condition Hand/Foot Scrub

This sensational Seasonal hand or foot scrub paired with he award winning honey heel glaze gets extremities in mint condition

Blissful Frost Cold Stone Therapy

Cool marble stones are used to massage the face, providing relief for migraine symptoms & alleviating sinus pressure

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